A New Experience of Couple Therapy

In AEDP for Couples the therapist strives to be respectful, present and responsive throughout the therapy process.

The therapist seeks to uncover and activate the couple members’ natural impulses to connect and heal in promoting a healthy relationship.

In every session we deliberately create a sense of safety in which the experience of connection and love can spontaneously emerge.

The felt experience of love and valuing helps to enhance closeness and move the process of therapy forward.

In this atmosphere of safety couples find new ways to approach their problems and differences, as well as life’s ongoing stress.

This is a discovery process that is collaborative and opens new paths and patterns that couples want to take home.

Couples often come into therapy feeling distant, hurt and frustrated. From the first session, the therapist helps the partners access and focus on the strengths that already exist in the relationship.

When anger or shut-down get triggered, the therapist may encourage the partner to express their frustration directly to the therapist instead of to their partner, again keeping safety as the most important element for bonding and connection.

Often beneath this anger or withdrawal there is fear, sadness and loneliness.

The therapist then guides the partners towards an inner calm, where they can access these more tender emotions and express themselves from this deeper, more genuine place - in a way their partners can better hear and receive.

As each couple member learns how to listen and express themselves in new ways, even the sharing of sad or distressing events and emotions can forge new bonds.

Some Issues We Can Help With:


What if I live with someone who is very different from me?

Because every couple consists of two different people, they naturally have different assumptions, patterns and beliefs.

During periods of major change in circumstances, these differences can become magnified... and make living together stressful and exhausting.

This therapy helps you to find value in the cross-pollination potential of your differences.


Treating Infidelity: From Shock, Fury and Despair to a New Beginning

Through working with an AEDP for Couples therapist,  couples can experience transformation of their relationship through safely healing the trauma of an affair.


Feeling Stuck: Changing Ingrained Patterns

The AEDPfC therapist shifts the focus from stuckness and upset about what is lacking, opening up a constructive discussion to bring forward what is wanted and needed by each partner.

Within this productive atmosphere, partners find that they can respond freshly to create new patterns that bring lasting relief.

Push Pull Reactions in Relationships

Sometimes couples find that their attempts at closeness are rejected in ways that mystify them. An AEDPfC therapist can help each partner discover and understand the well worn pattern of difficulty in being close thus encouraging empathic communication in and between the partners.


Moving Beyond Hot & Cold Conflict to Trust and Lasting Love

(i’m not wild about the graphic, as it looks like they’re shaking hands, a bit formal, plus it’s the only graphic so far, and maybe not the best place for it.)

It is an all too familiar theme: a couple who alternates between red-hot and icy-cold conflict.

The wear and tear of this dynamic can generate a painful and numbing distance between partners, one which is felt by and affects the rest of the family. Hopelessness often develops as a result, which can lead to questions about separation.

In AEDP for Couples we work toward the partners experiencing a justifiable trust, leading to a mutual and balanced connection.


Premarital Therapy

AEDPfC helps couples to co-create a conscious and loving relationship as they prepare to marry.

Some wedding vows tend to leave out important decisions about HOW you want to live together.

The weeks and months before the wedding can become an invaluable time to move closer as a team, while navigating the inevitable stressors of wedding preparation.

Some couples want to improve on the patterns of relating they have witnessed growing up.

Couples benefit from finding ways to deepen their intimacy and form a foundation to grow together throughout their entire lives.


Getting Older, Getting Better

Rather than the concept of an empty nest, AEDP-for-Couples therapy focuses on new beginnings. (do we want dashed between AEDP-for-Couples?)

This involves becoming freshly curious about each other and discovering who is in the nest!

Together we develop new ways to relate to each other in this later phase of life. This often involves learning new ways to have fun and relax together which can bring a sense of renewal, invigoration and joy to the relationship.

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