How AEDP for Couples Therapy Works

Presented by David Mars Ph.D. Developer of AEDP for Couples

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy for Couples (AEDPfC)


Conflict, crisis and disconnection in couple’s lives provide motivation to awaken capacities for change that otherwise might lie dormant and untapped. 

What is AEDP for Couples Therapy? David Mars Ph.D. & Karen Pando-Mars MFT

Making the most of these opportunities for healing and relationship transformation is the focus of AEDP for Couples (AEDPfC).

Here are just a few of the powerful and unique aspects of AEDPfC:

  • Discovers and explores the felt experience of love that draws your partner and you more closely together

  • Creates a safe space to communicate kindly and collaboratively with each other about key issues

  • Expands a mutual curiosity about your relationship which promotes a clearer understanding and deeper, more heartfelt communication

  • Builds new patterns of connection which foster trust, empathy, understanding…and a deep feeling of peace

  • Heals the underlying hurts and resentments (even past traumas), which tend to create unhealthy patterns of relating in one’s daily living


What is Unique about AEDP for Couples

What to Expect from the First Session

The Importance of Love

Change through the Neuroscience of New Experiences